Discover Grande Cosmetics, the brand known for its eyelash serum

Discover Grande Cosmetics, the brand known for its eyelash serum

Let us introduce you to Grande Cosmetics! Grande Cosmetics is a beauty brand from the USA and is known for it innovative formulas which enhance your own natural beauty. The GrandeLash lash serum enhancing serum is one of the best sellers of this brand. GrandeLash is your secret for stronger, fuller and longer looking lashes. 


Longer and fuller lashes, isn’t that what we all want? With GrandeLash brittle lashes are a thing of the past. The GrandeLash lash serum conditions your lashes and will make your lashes appear more stronger, fuller and longer. GrandeLash is an effective eyelash serum from Grande Cosmetics. Grande Cosmetics was founded with the belief that makeup should be dual-functioning, giving you an immediate aesthetic appeal while simultaneously working to enhance your own natural beauty over time. 


GrandeLash lash enhancing serum 

Do you also dream of long and beautiful eyelashes? Or do your eyelashes need a boost after wearing eyelash extensions? GrandeLash is the answer to your eyelash needs. The GrandeLash eyelash serum contains a patented blend of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids and ensures naturally longer and fuller looking lashes in just 4 to 6 weeks, with a full result in 3 months. The lash serum helps to improve short and thinning lashes and is also ideal to restore the appearance of brittle and damaged lashes. You only have to apply the product once a day to the lash application. Easy, safe and effective! The GrandeLash serum for eyelashes has been tested and approved by ophthalmologists and can also be safely used in combination with contact lenses, eyelash extensions and eyelash paint. In addition, GrandeLash is vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free.


Research results *:

  • 97% visibly saw more eyelashes
  • 94% saw healthier looking lashes
  • 90% saw longer-looking lashes 

Results are based on consumer research. Results can vary. 


How does the GrandeLash eyelash serum work?

After cleaning your face and eyes, you can apply the GrandeLash eyelash serum to clean and dry eyelashes. Apply a thin line of the lash serum to the upper lashes. Use once daily, preferably in the evening before bed. Allow the serum to dry for 1 to 2 minutes after application.



  • Apply the GrandeLash eyelash serum to the lash application (the skin on the lashes), not on the lashes themselves.
  • A wipe is sufficient for the application on both eyes. It is not necessary to apply more product or to apply the product several times a day.
  • Use the GrandeLash eyelash serum for 3 months daily. After the desired result is achieved, you can apply the lash serum every other day to maintain the result.
  • Because the eyelash serum is water-based, it is suitable for use in combination with contact lenses, eyelash extensions and eyelash paint.


About Grande Cosmetics

At Grande Cosmetics it is never just about cosmetics. Grande believes in powerful serums and makeup products with a double effect that enhance your own beauty by offering you both immediate results and longer-term benefits. For example, think of an eyeliner & eyelash serum in one. Grande Cosmetics is loved by various celebrities and has won more than 50 awards with the GrandeLash eyelash serum, GrandeBrow eyebrow serum, GrandeLiner eyeliner and GrandeLips gloss.


Grande Cosmetics assortment

In addition to the GrandeLash eyelash serum, Grande Cosmetics offers an extensive product range that includes an eyebrow serum, mascara, eyeliner, mascara primer, eyebrow gel, lip and hair products. For example, how about an eyebrow serum for fuller eyebrows? A hair serum for fuller and thicker looking hair, or a mascara for a beautiful glance with long eyelashes?


Grande Cosmetics is now exclusively available in the Benelux on our I Trade Beauty platform. Would you like to receive more information about Grande Cosmetics, or would you like to purchase the products of Grande Cosmetics? Please contact us or click here to order the products of Grande Cosmetics.