Finding beauty vendors on a wholesale platform or market place

Finding beauty vendors on a wholesale platform or market place

How do you find wholesale beauty vendors on an online wholesale platform or marketplace? As you might have noticed, sales platforms are becoming increasingly popular. We all know platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress and AliBaba. These B2C platforms have grown over the years. Now it is time for the B2B sales platforms to enter the e-commerce world. What can a marketplace or wholesale platform offer you as a professional or buyer? 


What can a marketplace or wholesale platform offer you as a buyer?

Marketplaces or wholesale platforms give you access to the brands and suppliers who are connected to their platform. There are all sorts of platforms out there. Before you are able to find the vendors you are looking for, you have to find the right platform. But how do you find the right platform which meets the wishes and expectations of your business?


Finding the right wholesale platform

To be able to find a good platform, you must know your wishes and expectations. 

Write down your wishes and expectations regarding the product assortment, pricing, features, customer support etc. Once you’ve got this clear, start searching for marketplaces and platforms online and check out who matches your conditions. Discover the difference between platforms with a wide product range or platforms that are specifically focused on one area or industry. 


How do you know if a platform is trustworthy? 

When you are searching for new vendors you want to be sure you are looking in a trustworthy environment. Always check the reliability of a platform. How do you know if you are dealing with a reliable company or supplier?


Verification process

Some platforms might give you more information about their verification process. Does the platform checks the connected suppliers? And if so, how do they check this? If a platform can provide you with information about their verification process and values trustworthy sellers, you will find this information at the platform. After all, you do want to buy products from a trustworthy vendor. 


Buyer protection

There are platforms who might offer buyer protection. This means that your purchase is covered in case of problems. 


Next to that, make sure the platforms is transparant regarding their pricing and contact information.


I Trade Beauty, the wholesale platform for the beauty industry

Let us introduce you to I Trade Beauty; I Trade Beauty is a wholesale platform for the beauty industry. I Trade Beauty aspires to become the world’s leading trading platform in the beauty industry, while at the same time respect and assist each and every one of the suppliers and buyers connected to the platform, not matter how big or small.


Whether you are a professional and own a nail salon, hair salon, or spa, or you are a buyer for a beauty (department) store, I Trade Beauty is the platform you are looking for. I Trade Beauty is focused on the beauty industry only. You will find endless beauty products on this platform. 


The goal of I Trade Beauty is to connect beauty buyers and suppliers, by making it possible to buy and sell directly through the platform. I Trade Beauty connects: 

  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Distributors
  • Agencies
  • Retailers (beauty salon, hair salon, nail salon, perfumery, drugstore and spa)
  • Consultants
  • And more businesses of the beauty industry


Buy cosmetics from beauty vendors on I Trade Beauty

Joining I Trade Beauty is easy: Register, browse, buy. Joining I Trade Beauty as a buyer is

completely free. All you have to do is to register to our platform and insert your VAT ID and 

business registration number. After your account is verified, you can start browsing through the 

different categories. Filter on your needs or be surprised by the unique assortment of beauty 



Do you want to know more about I Trade Beauty? Please feel free to contact us. 

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