GrandeLash eyelash serum awards 2019

GrandeLash eyelash serum awards 2019

GrandeLash is known as a multi-award winning eyelash serum. Over the years, Grande Cosmetics has won more than 50 awards with her products. We will list the awards that have been won in 2019. 


A dazzling look with longer and fuller looking lashes, in just four to six weeks, with a full result in three months? Thanks to the unique mix of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, the GrandeLash eyelash serum helps to improve and repair short and thinning lashes and brittle and damaged lashes.


In addition to this unique mix, the serum contains hyaluronic acid that cares for, protects and prevents the lashes from breaking, the amino acid L-Proline is essential for healthy and strengthened lashes and the ingredient Glycosaminoglycans that traps moisture and enhances the durability and shine of the lashes .


Awards 2019

The GrandeLash eyelash serum has won numerous awards in the United States in recent years.


GrandeLash won several prizes this year too, for example, Grande Cosmetics won the following awards with the beloved GrandeLash eyelash serum:

  • Harpers Bazaar Anti Aging Awards 2019
  • Cosmopolitan Make up awards 2019
  • Dermascope Aesthecian's Choice Awards
  • Line & Spas best product 2019
  • Dayspa professionals choice awards 2019


The GrandeBrow eyebrow serum also won an award, namely the Bella Beauty Award. And the GrandeLips lip plumper was not left behind. This product won the Harpers Bazaar Award for best lip product.


About Grande Cosmetics

Grande Cosmetics was founded in 2008 by Alicia Grande. It started with just one product, the GrandeLash eyelash serum. The cosmetic brand from the United States is known for its innovative formulas. The aim of Alicia Grande was to create products that emphasize natural beauty and enhance it in a natural way. Today, Grande Cosmetics has become a popular brand.


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