How to get a tan, 6 tips

How to get a tan, 6 tips

How do you tan safely and quickly? When you go sunbathing, you do not want to do this unprotected because you do not want to damage your skin. How can you create a tan in a safe way? We searched for the best tips to get a beautiful tanned skin. This way you will tan quickly, easily and safely.

Tanning tips

We all want to get a tan in a fast, easy and quick way. Read our 6 tips below to quickly tan without burning.


1. Tan quickly with self-tanner

Do you want to tan quickly but do you prefer not to lie in the sun for hours? Then consider a self-tanner, the way to create a quick tan. You apply a self-tanner on the skin, let the product set and hello tanned skin! There are different types of self-tanner available. There are self-tanners that will develop a brown color within 10 minutes, other self-tanners give an optimal result after 8 hours. View the different self-tanners here.


2. Immediately tan with body makeup

Immediately a tanned complexion without having to wait for the product to work for you? Use a body makeup such as Vita Liberata's Body Blur. This BB cream instantly absorbs, does not stains off and gives you a beautiful glow. Thanks to the BB cream-like properties, cellulite, red spots and varicose veins fade away.


Note: Don't forget to use an SPF. The Body Blur does not protect the skin, you can still get a tan in the meantime.


3. Beta-carotene

Did you know that with the right diet you can tan faster? The best-known products that can help you tan quickly are carrots and tomatoes. Carrots and tomatoes contain beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body. The carotene supports the production of melanin, which causes the skin to discolor. Other products such as peppers, zucchini but also fruits such as mangos and peaches can help you to tan faster.


4. Scrub your skin before you sunbathe

If you want to tan quickly, taking good care of your skin is extra important. Therefore, scrub the skin with a mild scrub or exfoliant before going into the sun. You remove dead skin cells and give new skin cells the chance to tan faster.


5. Use sunscreen

It may sound contradictory, but sunscreen can help you tan faster. For example, if you go into the sun without protection, you can stay in the sun for fifteen minutes with fair skin, otherwise you could burn. You can enjoy the sun longer with sun protection. It is not true that you do not get tanned with sunscreen, it only ensures that it is more gradual.



6. Hydration

Cared-for skin can tan faster and stay brown longer. Good care is therefore of great importance. Hydrate your skin with a fine moisturizer to maintain a tan for longer. Preferably use a moisturizer with organic ingredients so that your complexion stays as long as possible.


Our tip: The Vita Liberata Moisture Boost Body Treatment contains no essential oils, parabens, alcohol or perfume. The product provides intense hydration for soft and nourished skin thanks to certified organic ingredients.


The tips above help you to tan quickly in a responsible manner. Happy tanning! 


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How to get a tan, 6 tips