More customers in the salon during the summer holidays: 10 tips

More customers in the salon during the summer holidays: 10 tips

Summer vacation is still a period in which most people go on vacation. All kinds of activities are pulled out of the closet with the nice weather, but the visiting a salon is probably not on that list. What can you do to make the salon attractive for customers during the summer holidays too?


1. The before and after treatment

Perfectly cared for on holiday is now more the norm than the exception. Just before the holidays, customers still want to have a nice haircut, depilation of the skin and the nails done. Take advantage of this need by putting together special pre-holiday treatments. It can also help to have slightly more flexible opening times in the period just before the holiday. This way you can better bridge the quieter period during the holidays.


Tip: You can also expand this by offering special holiday treatment aimed at the destination. Are people coming back from a warm country? With the beach package you tackle dry skin in no time.


2. Holiday packages

In addition to the pre-holiday and post-holiday treatment, you can of course also respond to the holiday itself. Because why would you not take good care of your skin during your vacation? Put together a nice vacation package with minis that your customers can easily take with them in a suitcase or even hand luggage. Think moisturizers, sun protection, nourishing lip balms etc.


3. Seasonal treatments

In addition to the above treatments, you can also adjust the salon to the season itself. As a hairdresser, there are probably special coupes that do very well in the summer. Really dresses these hairstyles in summer style and offers the "surfers look" or the "mermaid balayage". Sometimes the funny name is enough to arouse the first interest. For inspiration you can also look on Instagram. What are the trending hashtags in your field? In the case of #mermaidhair or #mermaidhairdontcare you quickly have an angle.


4. Adjust the opening times

During the summer, the weather is often lovely during the day, so people prefer to be outside. Try to respond to this by slightly changing your opening times. For example, open more often in the evening and close the salon in the afternoon. You can also enjoy the sun yourself before you go to work.


5. Organize "kids" days

The children are free during the holidays. But taking them to a salon is not always a success. Not nice for customers who prefer not to have children, and not nice for the kids who can get bored quickly. Solve this by organizing special "kids" days. You clearly state on which days the children are welcome, ensure that in addition to the coffee or tea there is something fresh and something tasty. Borrow some games and toys from acquaintances (or bring it yourself from home) and design a corner where they can play


6. Make the salon summerproof

Okay, it's hot, you can't do anything about that outside. But do customers actually know that you have a properly functioning air conditioner and wonderfully fresh drinks? Planning a relaxing massage? Tropical sounds set the tone completely. And did your customers know that they can tan faster if they take good care of their skin? Of course you have the right products for that.


Tip: don't just think about skin care before the holiday, but certainly also after the holiday! Customers will want to keep their tan. Moisturizers or body lotions with self-tanner are certainly recommended.


7. Customer cancellations

With good weather you have more chance of cancellations. It can happen, try to adapt as much as possible. If a customer cancels the appointment, try to schedule him or her again as quickly as possible. Or did they not know, for example, that this week you still have a place in the evening?


8. Last-minute entries

Once you have a cancellation, you naturally want to refill it as quickly as possible. Place a call on social media and indicate the holiday atmosphere of your salon. Make it attractive for people who have no plans on their mind: oh, I can do that today or tomorrow, yes!


Tip: You can also call the customers that you haven't seen for a while just before the summer holidays. It could well be that they have a place free again somewhere during that holiday period. Immediately a good opportunity to offer those special pre and post holiday treatments!


9. The summer days in theme

In the summer everyone is in a happy mood: the holiday is coming, the festival season is in full swing and fun activities can be enjoyed everywhere. Why would you not go along as a salon? Organize a ladies night or a gents night yourself where customers get the chance to try out new treatments or techniques. For example, give a discount on nail art or organize a face mask party (hilarious selfies on social media = free exposure!). You can also adjust the evenings to the type of treatment that you would like to promote. Friday foot day? Why not?


10. Work together with other salons

Every salon has his or her specialty, why not join forces in the summer? Expand the ladies or gents night by organizing a "tour" along the various salons in the neighborhood, or have another salon come to your salon for combination treatments. On ‘hands and foot day’ you can perfectly combine the powers of pedicures and nail stylists. Or invite a make-up artist to your hair salon to do hair and makeup. An extra plus if you can do this on Friday or Saturday, so that the ladies can go out perfectly styled.


Calm moments during the summer period? A good opportunity to map out the opportunities for your salon. What would you like to see differently or what could you improve? Or are there perhaps other products that you want to offer in the salon? Explore the I Trade Beauty platform to discover or buy new beauty brands, for example.


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More customers in the salon during the summer holidays: 10 tips

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