Self-tanner cloths, get tanned quick and easy!

Self-tanner cloths, get tanned quick and easy!

There are different types of self-tanner. Every type of self tanner has its own advantages. Are you looking for an easy way to tan quickly and safely? Self-tanning cloths are very suitable for getting a nice tanned color and perfect for taking with you on a holiday. Getting a tan was never this easy!

Self-tanning cloths contain DHA, which develops a brown color to the skin within a few hours. The self tanning wipes from Vita Liberata are new to our self-tanning range. The pHenomenal Organic Tan Infused Cloths are infused with the well-known pHenomenal self-tanning formula for a long-lasting and natural-looking complexion. We list the benefits of self-tanning wipes in a row:


1. Easy to apply

A huge benefit of the tanning cloths is that it is very easy to apply on your face and body. You do not need a tanning mitt or other product to apply the product with. How do you use a tanning cloth?


Step 1. Exfoliate the skin a day before applying the tanning cloths.

Step 2. Always apply a self-tanning product to a clean skin. Please do not use any hydrating cream before application, this ensures that the product adheres less.

Step 3. Remove 1 of the 2 wipes from the package. Start with the face and work out to the neck, décolleté and arms. Work in circular movements to apply the product evenly. Tip: do not forget to blend the product well at the hairline, eyebrows, ears and neck. 

Step 4. Remove the second cloth from the package and use it for the rest of the body. Work per body part in circular movements so that you can apply the product properly. Note: when applying around the knees and elbows, remove any excess product with a damp washcloth. 

Step 5. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after using the tan cloths.

Step 6. Allow the product to dry thoroughly before you get dressed. The product develops a tan in 4 to 8 hours.  


2. Easy to take with you

Tan cloths are very suitable to take with you on a holiday. You can easily put it in your bag or suitcase. No heavy products to take with you or risk of leaking products. After using the tanning cloths, you can throw the wipes away. The self-tanning wipes are also biodegradable. 


3. Matches your skin color

The pHenomenal Organic Tan Infused Cloths are made to suit your skin color. An unnatural or orange color is therefore excluded. After application, a natural tan develops within 4 to 8 hours. 


4. Long-lasting formula and organic ingredients

The tan cloths from Vita Liberata are packed with organic and botanical ingredients such as aloe vera, raspberry and pomegranate. These ingredients ensure that the skin is nourished and prevents skin aging. Next to that, the ingredients ensure a long-lasting brown color. The Vita Liberata pHenomenal Organic Tan Infused Cloths do not contain parabens, strong chemicals, perfume, alcohol animal derivatives, petrochemicals, sulfates and silicones. 


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