The future of B2B Wholesale platforms and online marketplaces

The future of B2B Wholesale platforms and online marketplaces

Sales platforms are becoming increasingly popular. B2C marketplaces such as Amazon and Aliexpress are commonly used platforms. With the continuing success of the B2C platforms, we notice that more and more demand is coming from B2B customers.  Is there also a successful future ahead for B2B platforms such as e-commerce wholesale platforms and online marketplaces? 

Experience with B2C platforms has taught us that piggybacking on the success of an external sales platform can indeed be attractive. What can a B2B sales platform offer you? 


The possibilities of a B2B sales platform for suppliers

As a supplier, you might be interested in the new concept of showcasing your brand on a B2B sales platform. The benefits of a B2B sales platform are generally the same as a B2C platform. You can reach a lot of potential buyers which makes it possible to increase your turnover. 


Please note that it is common to pay a small contribution if a product is sold through a sales platform. Some platforms may use a ‘no cure, no pay’ condition. 


The future for B2B platforms 

The online B2C market has always been ahead of the B2B market. Many B2C webshops have joined a sales platform to test what this sales channel can offer their company. After the success and rapid growth of the B2C platforms, we foresee an interesting future for B2B trading platforms.


Reasons to join a B2B wholesale platform or sales portal as a supplier

An online marketplace can help you increase your sales and simplify your business routine. A few reasons to join a B2B sales platform may be: 


1. Reach potential buyers

Get in touch with new buyers, broaden your target group and market. Easily expand your (inter)national network. Joining a platform can open various doors for you! 


2. Manage everything from just one platform

Simplify your business routine by joining a B2B platform and manage everything from just one platform. Add your product information, real time insights in your sales etc. 


3. More exposure

By joining a platform you gain more exposure for your products. Skip the adds and save on your marketing costs by showcasing your products on a reliable wholesale platform. 


4. Grow your business

More exposure can lead to more buyers and therefore more sales. Grow your business with the help of a B2B platform. 


Success doet not happen overnight. Finding the right B2B platform which suits your company goals and can meet up to your expectations can be a search, but once you have found the right wholesale platform it can mean a lot to your company.


Is selling through a B2B sales platform suitable for me? 

Selling through a sales platform may be suitable for you if:

  • you want to reach potential buyers
  • you have a unique product to sell
  • you can offer fast delivery
  • you can offer a interesting margin


What should you take into account when you want to sell via a wholesale platform? If you are considering to showcase your products on an online wholesale platform, you want your brand to stand out. Once you have invested a little bit of time to add your brand and product information to a platform, you can possibly reap the benefits later. 


How do you distinguish your products on a marketplace?

Make sure your brand stands out. Try to distinguish your brand by using good product images, products descriptions, titles, interesting wholesale prices and minimum order quantities.


Product images

We all know the saying ‘a picture says more than a thousand words’. Even with product images, an image is very important and tells a lot about your product. Only use professional product photography with a white or transparant background. Do you not have professional product photos? Then consider having this made. Products with professional product images generally convert better. 


Product titels and descriptions

Clearly describe your product in the product title and product description. Be informative but concise and use the correct keywords. Most sales platforms will check your content before it will be published on the platform. 


Interesting prices

In the B2B market, an interesting purchase price is of great importance when considering whether to purchase a product or not. Can sufficient margin still be achieved on resale? Then people will be more inclined to purchase your product. 


Minimum order quantities and shipping time. 

The same applies to the minimum order quantity and shipping time. Take a good look at your margin and minimum order quantities, but keep it realistic. 


Inventory management

Sufficient stock is required if you want to succeed with sales through a platform. It is possible that you have to allocate the stock manually or that your stock can be linked to the platform. However, please make sure your inventory is always up to date. 



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