Tips for fuller looking eyebrows

Tips for fuller looking eyebrows

More and more attention is being paid to the eyebrows. In the meantime everyone knows that eyebrows are very important for the appearance. Over the years there have been various eyebrow trends, but new eyebrow treatments have also been introduced. In this article we pay attention to the eyebrows.


Today, fuller eyebrows are back. In contrast to years ago, where the eyebrows were much depilated. Some customers may have thin eyebrows or bald spots in the eyebrows due to plucking or excessive epilation. With proper care, treatment or application of makeup, one can make the eyebrows look fuller again.


Dye eyebrows

By dyeing eyebrows, the eyebrow hairs can be thicker and darker too. That is exactly what one wants if one would like to have fuller eyebrows.


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Eyebrow serum

The eyebrows have a hair cycle of 4 months. This means that within a period of 4 months the eyebrow hairs grow, have a resting phase and then fall out again to make room for new eyebrow hairs. With an eyebrow serum you can optimally care for the hairs, so that the hairs can become stronger and look fuller.



GrandeBrow eyebrow serum for fuller-looking eyebrows

The GrandeBrow eyebrow serum contains a mix of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids and ensures naturally fuller eyebrows in 6 to 8 weeks, with a full result in 4 months. The eyebrow serum takes care of the eyebrow hairs and is very suitable to improve thinning eyebrows, deformed or too much epilated eyebrows. This eyebrow serum not only improves the eyebrows, but also protects, conditions and moisturizes the eyebrows. Apply the eyebrow serum to the eyebrows once a day. Depending on your wishes, you can apply the GrandeBrow eyebrow serum to only the thinning spots, or the entire eyebrow. GrandeBrow is easy to use, safe and effective.


Research results GrandeBrow

Consumer research shows:

  • 100% saw fuller eyebrows
  • 97% would recommend this product to a friend
  • 93% saw healthier-looking eyebrows
  • 90% saw fuller eyebrows

* Results are based on consumer research and their findings. Results can vary.


Eyebrow makeup

In addition to caring for the eyebrows, one can of course also create fuller-looking eyebrows with the help of makeup. By applying eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder or a colored eyebrow gel, one gives the eyebrows more body, making them look fuller.


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There are various ways to make the eyebrows look fuller, such as make-up products, dyeing the eyebrows or other salon treatments for the eyebrows. With an eyebrow serum, however, the eyebrows can be cared for in an easy and effective way, with naturally fuller-looking eyebrows as a result. Do you want to purchase the GrandeBrow eyebrow serum? Then click here.