Tips to increase sales in your beauty salon

Tips to increase sales in your beauty salon

Are you the owner of a beauty salon and would you like to increase your turnover? In this blog post we list various tips for you that may lead you to new insights.


More sales in your salon

To be able to realize more sales in your salon, it is important to first take a good look at the current situation and identify opportunities.


Target audience

First take a good look at your target group. What type of customers do you have? Which treatments do they book?

Can you gain more sales out of this target group by, for example, adding certain elements to your treatments, or by offering new treatments? Perhaps there are new possibilities within your existing target group. Just ask your customers what they need. You may be able to identify new opportunities here.


In addition to taking a closer look at your current target group, you can also look at the possibilities to make your target group larger or, for example, to address a whole new target group. Depending on the treatments you offer, there may still be various options and opportunities for increasing your turnover. Also, remember that brand awareness, visibility on social media and word of mouth can play a major part here. 


Salon treatments

What are your best running treatments? Could you add certain elements to your treatments to increase sales? For example, consider combining a facial with epilation and dyeing of the eyebrows. There may be different treatments that you can combine with each other. Working with promotions can also influence the popularity of certain treatments. For example, you can respond to the seasons by paying extra attention to the care of the feet during the summer months. With these kind of promotions you can stimulate the bookings of this treatment. Another possibility is to promote one of the less popular treatments by temporarily offering a small discount.


Perhaps there are also new trends in the field of treatments that you can respond to, or is there a demand for specific treatments from your customers that you can respond to?



Product range and additional sales

Are you currently selling products in your salon? If yes, how is this going? What are your best-selling products and which products are difficult to sell? Take a critical look at this. Also talk to your customers about what they think of your product assortment. What do they need?


Perhaps there are also products that you can sell well with a treatment? Think about a facial cleanser for facial treatments, an eyelash serum or eyebrow serum for eyelash or eyebrow treatments etc.


When you are enthusiastic about the products that you sell, this makes selling easy. Does your face look radiant with a facial serum, or do your eyelashes look beautiful thanks to an eyelash serum? A customer will then easily be convinced of the results of the product. Therefore choose a product range that you fully support. 


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Take the time to identify all opportunities and to properly map out opportunities. We hope that we have been able to bring you new insights to potentially increase the turnover in your beauty salon.