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Copyright & Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy



No part of this website may be reproduced and distributed without the express written permission of I Trade Beauty. Any infringement is prohibited and you will be ordered to cease such illegal activity. Itradebeauty.com will hold you responsible and liable for any damages and for other expenses and/or consequences which may arise as a result of your infringement.


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection Policy

We take Intellectual Property Infringement Claims very seriously, because we respect Intellectual Property Rights Holders and we expect our users to do the same.

1. IPR Protection
Items or logo’s which are in violation with copyright, trademark, patent or other rights, are not allowed on I Trade Beauty and shall be removed.

2.Infringement Claims Procedure

Intellectual Property Right Holders can submit an Infringement Claim by email to info@itradebeauty.com

Your submitted Infringement Claim by email must be supported with the following materials to adequately deal with the Infringement Claim:

-        Proof of Identity of the IPR Holder

-        Proof that the complaining party is the IPR Holder

-        Links and/or Product Id’s of the items which are in violation of the IPR Holder

Itradebeauty.com will evaluate all documents and we will be notifying the members subject to the IPR claims. We will provide the contact information of the IPR holders to the members who are in violation of the IPR.

3.Actions taken to Infringement Claims

When a User is violating our IPR Policy (repeatedly), then this can result in the following measures without limitation on I Trade Beauty:

 - Removal of the Infringement product(s)
 - Temporary or permanent Suspension of the User’s Account
 - Termination of free or paid Membership Agreement

By submitting an Intellectual Property Infringement claim, Intellectual property right holders agrees to indemnify and hold I Trade Beauty harmless from all claims, damages and judgments arising out of any I Trade Beauty actions pursuant to intellectual property infringement claims. 

I Trade Beauty is not a judge in conflicting intellectual property infringement claims and therefore all conflicting parties regarding the conflicting Intellectual Property Infringement Claims shall be resolving it independent from I Trade Beauty. I Trade Beauty does not endorse IPR violations, any action taken by I Trade Beauty is not an endorsement of any intellectual property infringement claim.