Hair Dryer Air Flow 2100/Blue

Size: 514 g
Product number S49593AZ
EAN: EAN 8719326712

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Steinhart “Air Flow” 2100watt Professional hair dryer with AC motor Thanks to the addition of ceramic and ionic technology in the Steinhart Air Flow, the hair structure of the hair is improved, preventing static and frizzy hair and giving the hair a lot of shine. Use the Steinhart Air Flow 2100W Ceramic and Ionic Hair Dryer to make your hair healthier thanks to negative ions. It is designed with ionic technology that improves hair metabolism. Retains the natural moisture content of the hair, reduces frizz and makes the hair soft and shiny. The new Steinhart Air Flow dryers contain an alternating current (AC) motor which is used exclusively for blow-drying in professional hairdressers and therefore requires fewer revolutions, which means that this all extends the life of STEINHART AIR FLOW dryers. than other mid-range dryers. The ion technology dries the hair up to 7 times faster than with a normal hair dryer at a lower temperature. Striking is the compact model, the very light weight, the professional engine with very low noise production.


- 2100 watt AC motor

- Ionic - ceramics

- 2 speeds

- 3 temperatures

- Cold air button

- 3 meter power cord

- 2 ion nozzles

- soft touch handle and ergonomic

- Weight: 514 grams

- 2 year warranty

The new Steinhart Air Flow dryer: Improves the metabolism and nutrition of the hair, so that the natural moisture content is retained. Avoid static electricity and avoid splitting the points.