Swiss Clinic Cryogel Body Serum

Brand Swiss Clinic
Product number OBCG17001
EAN: 7350082940408

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This serum for the body is made with the latest active ingredients available on the market. It improves blood circulation and reduces the size of adipocytes (fat cells), cellulite and stretch marks, resulting in visibly firmer and smoother looking skin. Contains, among other things, Corallina, which has properties that inhibit the growth of fat cells while you sleep and encourages fat burning while you are awake. Use for best results in combination with the Skin Roller. Cryogel Body Serum fights body fat on arms, legs, stomach and other problem areas. Cellulite, stretch marks and other scars are reduced, making the skin visibly smoother. This non-sticky formula is quickly absorbed, allowing you to cool down and get a refreshing feeling. Antiseptic and moisturizing ingredients with antioxidants. Thanks to ingredients such as VitaShape, caffeine and menthol, the skin is naturally and visibly firmer in addition to Corallina and Pentavitin. VitaShape is an extract from cell culture, rich in antioxidants, that resolves breaks in fatty tissue. Caffeine is an antioxidant that stimulates blood flow and blood circulation. This means a reduction in deposits and the size of the fat cells, which are the main factors contributing to cellulite. Menthol is known to be antiseptic, cooling, refreshing and circulatory.