Stock your shelves with beauty products from all around the world.
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Access to hundreds of beauty brands and suppliers

Access to hundreds of beauty brands and suppliers

Save yourself some time and register to our I Trade Beauty, the B2B beauty supply platform. It is free and gives you access to hundreds of beauty brands.

Buy unique products from all over the world

I Trade Beauty welcomes both large and small companies, which means even local brands have the opportunity to sell their products to you through our platform. All suppliers are verified before they’re approved to sell, making sure they can offer interesting wholesale margins. Discover unique skincare, haircare, make-up and other beauty related products at our platform. Buy bulk cosmetics to sell or order the quantity you need for your store. It’s up to you!

Buy unique products from all over the world
Buyer protection

Buyer protection

All suppliers who join I Trade Beauty are verified and trustworthy. Note that the suppliers and beauty brands registered on I Trade Beauty are checked by our system for their Business Registration Number and their VAT ID. For example, if you do not receive your order from the supplier, we will refund your money.


  • 1. Register for free

    1. Register for free

    With a buyer-account you will be able to connect to thousands of beauty suppliers around the world for free.

  • 2. Verify your account

    2. Verify your account

    Your free account will be verified and authenticated before approval.

  • 3. Discover new brands and products

    3. Discover new brands and products

    Look for and browse beauty products from hundreds of local and international suppliers and beauty brands.

  • 4. Buy beauty products

    4. Buy beauty products

    Buy products directly through our platform. Pay your order online and the supplier will ship your order within 3 working days.

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