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Are you looking for wholesale cosmetics packaging or a wholesaler tot produce your own cosmetics private label? Then you are at the right place on I Trade Beauty. On our beauty wholesale supply platform you will find a variety of international suppliers who specialize in wholesale cosmetics packaging and private labels. If you need a beautiful cosmetics packaging for your beauty product, or you are thinking about changing your current packaging, you can contact the beauty suppliers on this platform. Are you working on establishing a private label? Then this category wholesale cosmetics packaging and private label is where you will find your supplier. 

Wholesale cosmetics packaging

On I Trade Beauty you will find cosmetics packaging designs and packaging materials for your beauty business, ranging from cosmetics containers to bags and from packaging decoration materials like ribbons and paper to biodegradable boxes. Are you looking for counter displays? You can also find them in our category wholesale cosmetics packaging and private label. After completing your free registration on I Trade Beauty you can contact suppliers worldwide to inquire after their products and services. If preferred, the supplier can also contribute to the design, management and distribution of your cosmetics.

Wholesale sustainable cosmetics packaging

If you prefer a wholesale cosmetics packaging supplier with a sustainable packaging policy, please browse through this category to find the suppliers you are looking for. Read the product description to find out how the suppliers produce their packaging products and from which materials the packaging is made. Cosmetics companies are already creating sustainable packaging products by changing their packaging materials, like creating a package from paper or cardboard instead of plastic. This way the amount of packaging materials becomes less, while you still have a beautiful product on the shelves or on the counter.

Cosmetics private label

If you are looking for a company or supplier that can assist you in creating or expanding your cosmetics private label, you will find them in this category. The cosmetic products will be produced by the supplier of your choosing, after which you can sell the product under your own private label. You can discuss the design, management and distribution with the supplier you have choosen, or you can inquire offers from a few suppliers to compare them. The great advantage of I Trade Beauty is that you can contact suppliers worldwide to compare them to see what is most profitable for you. View all the private label suppliers in our category wholesale cosmetics packaging and private label on I Trade Beauty. 

Private label & Packaging