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Are you the owner of a beauty salon, spa, perfumery or other beauty business and are you looking for wholesale displays and stands? Then look no further. On I Trade Beauty you will find the products you are looking for. Our suppliers offer displays and stands in all sizes, from a small counter and a small display for ten products to a complete cosmetic island and cosmetic walls. Find all the wholesale cosmetic displays and wholesale cosmetic stands on I Trade Beauty, your online beauty supply platform.

Wholesale cosmetic displays

A display is a great way to showcase the beauty products in your store, salon or spa. If products are displayed clearly, it will attract customers, so it is important to invest in the presentation of your products. What about an acrylic display, with build-in led lights? Or perhaps you prefer a display with a large space for the logo of your product? You will find this and more on I Trade Beauty.

Wholesale cosmetic stands

If you believe a display is not enough, or you would like to add to your existing displays in your spa, store or salon, a cosmetic stand might be the product for you. Our suppliers offer stands like retractable banner stands and indoor banner stands, which are perfect to showcase your newest product or perhaps your store itself. Overhead hanging banners are very useful as well; they change your lighting into a marketing product without taking up extra space. If your store, spa or salon is allowed to use banners and flags outside, street pole banner brackets or advertising flags might be a great solution for your beauty business.

Wholesale cosmetic walls

If you are redecorating your shop, spa or salon or if you have just started your own beauty business, you might need cosmetic wands to showcase the products you are selling or will be using. In our category cosmetics displays and stands you will also find wholesale cosmetic walls, some even with flatscreens and specialized build-in lights and displays. Please browse through our category to see all the wholesale cosmetic walls we have to offer.

Wholesale trade show displays

If you have decided to attend a beauty trade show as an exhibitor, you might also need displays to show your beauty products to the visitors. In this category you will find displays for all kinds of make-up products, ranging from nail polish to hair brushes. The size of the displays will also vary from displays that will look great on a counter, to life-size displays that will enable you to show many of your products at the same time. Or perhaps your would like to use a pop-up display to showcase your product? Find all the wholesale trade show displays on I Trade Beauty.

Wholesale trade show stands

Are you thinking or planning to become a beauty trade show exhibitor? Then you will also need a beautiful stand to attract visitors of the trade show. In this category you will find all kinds of wholesale trade show stands, ranging from small counters with just a few displays for your products or a indoor banner stand, to large stands with a roof and lighting included. Some of the suppliers of these stands are also able to customize their designs, please check the description or contact the supplier for all the options and pricing. 

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