Private label & Packaging

If you own a salon, spa or store you are well aware what the influence of cosmetics packaging is on the sales. The packaging needs to be attractive and high-quality as well, since it not only has to protect the product, but attract the customer to buy it as well.  The suppliers on our wholesale beauty supply platform help to create not only beautiful, but also functional cosmetic containers and personal care packaging that sparkle, shine and stand out in stores and salons.

Cosmetic packaging design

Whilst creating your design, it is important to think about the identity of your brand and product. Who you are and what you stand for should be visible in your design. You can of course create a design yourself, or you could ask the supplier to create a design according to your wishes. Our suppliers let you achieve an unprecedented level of freedom while designing your cosmetics container. Shape, material, visual effects; they can all be created and adjusted according to your wishes.

Cosmetic packaging full product line

Are you looking for a cosmetics packaging supplier for one of your beauty products, or do you have a full product line which you would like to design or redesign? Some of the cosmetics suppliers on I Trade Beauty offer stylish and customizable packaging solutions for a full product line from lipgloss to bath and body products, while other suppliers focus on make up products or sun care products for example. Contact our suppliers or read the company description to find out which supplier meets your preferences.

Sustainable cosmetic packaging

Cosmetics suppliers are constantly thinking of innovative ways to create a packaging that is sustainable. They produce packaging with thinner but still sturdy material to lessen the amount of packaging materials, or they change the packaging material itself. Think of using monomaterials instead of composite packaging for example. Some suppliers also prefer to use refills for their mascara, perfume or lipgloss. If you prefer collaborating with a supplier which focuses on sustainable packaging for cosmetics, you just need to browse through this category. In the company profile on I Trade Beauty you are able to read about the company policies and whether they are working with sustainable packaging. If it is not immediately clear in the description, you can easily contact the supplier via our contact form.