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Are you looking for a wholesale cosmetics private label for your beauty business? Then I Trade Beauty is the right B2B service for you. On our beauty supply platform you will find suppliers from all accross the globe which you can contact online from your I Trade Beauty - account. Inquire, compare, and buy. With your own private label, every time a customer uses your product, they will be looking at your logo, your name and your brand. If customers like your product they will become loyal buyers, generating word-of-mouth for you and your brand. A private label is therefore a great way to generate customers who, in turn, bring in more customers.

Create your blend 

Are you an owner from a salon, spa or store and are you thinking about creating your own cosmetics private label? Then it might be useful to think about whether you will create your own cosmetics by mixing the ingredients yourself (or let the suppliers do it for you), or that you will use an existing blend from the supplier. Many suppliers have their own cosmetics, which they distribute under the labels of the companies connected to them. Ask the suppliers of wholesale private labels on I Trade Beauty for an overview of the possibilities.

Package decoration

You can let your logo speak for itself when you design your cosmetics private label, creating brand awareness. You can also custom design your cosmetics packaging (or let it be made for you). While thinking about the package decoration it is important to keep in mind the identity of the brand and the company. Who do you wish to be, what do you want your products to tell your customers? After all, a cosmetics brand is more than just a name or a symbol on a package; it is who you are and what your stand for. The suppliers on I Trade Beauty are able to help you answering these questions and become more than just a place to buy cosmetics. With the suppliers on I Trade Beauty you are able to create your own quality brand.

Signature services

You can also take the brand and the name to the next level and start your business with a signature service. Some suppliers of cosmetics private labels also have their own marketing team to create buzz and pr around your brand. They can not only launch your brand, but raise in-house awareness for example for your cosmetics. Through events and promotions they can help you boost your sales and they can approach their network to present your brand. These private label suppliers can also professionally train your make up staff to use the make up products (if you have chosen to use one of their make up lines). A perfect way to follow product training online is via our platform. You just choose the date and time you wish to follow a product training and the supplier can explain in an interactive videochat how the products should be used. 

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