Promo 6 + 1 GrandeLips Lipgloss Plumper - Sunbaked Sedona

Product Code: 1410

This product is being sold & shipped by Esthetic Health B.V.


Order a promo now with 6 same products, and receive the 7th product for FREE!

How does the promotion work?

  • All 6 + 1 promotions are displayed with the Title: "Promo 6 + 1 (name of the product)"
  • The price shown is the amount of 6 products combined
  • Add the promo you want to order to your shopping cart
  • The discount is already included in the price. You pay for 6 products and receive 7 products with your order
  • The promotion is not valid in combination with other promotions, (volume) discounts or offers.



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