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Good news for the world of beauty products and salon supplies! 

Latest market research shows that the beauty and skin care B2B e-commerce industry is booming and all set for an upward swing across four continents through the years ahead – Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australia. What’s more the category that is projected to have the largest market share is – you guessed right - health and beauty products! With online B2B sales poised to surpass B2C, the scenario seems perfect for both online consumers and suppliers of salon and beauty products.

Why itradebeauy.com?

At I Trade Beauty, we are committed to providing the much needed platform that connects dealers of salon supplies with salons looking to buy reputed, reliable and world-class products for their valued and discerning customers. We can connect you with buyers worldwide and also give you an opportunity to showcase your products. Whether it is cosmetics, hair or skin care products, retailers only need to open a free account on our online beauty product marketing platform and promote the visibility that your business needs to grow. Its like having your very own online store where your target audience can find all the relevant information about your salon supplies, beauty products and cosmetics. What’s more you also have the facility to upload press releases that announce the launch of new products, inform about upcoming exhibitions and events and proudly display any awards you may have won.

Skin care products poised to be the focus of all beauty and salon supplies

While women have always been the major buyers of cosmetic products, today men too are laying increasing emphasis on cultivating that well-groomed look. This has lead to a plethora of men’s cosmetics adorning the shelves and an enhanced demand for masculine salon supplies related to skin and hair solutions. The enhanced demand has in turn intensified competition between companies to introduce better, more innovative and result-driven products that will find appeal with this new section of the population.

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Needless to say, I Trade Beauty is the platform frequented by salon owners looking to buy beauty and skin care solutions from the best international brands. Whether it is catering to teenagers wanting to emulate their favourite model, young men and women looking to appear chic and stylish, or older adults on the look out for anti-ageing products, the beauty industry spans a huge market. It is this golden opportunity that the online B2B E-commerce industry aims to leverage. And that is where itradebeauty .com comes into the picture.

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If you are a supplier of beauty brands, you need look no further – open an account on I Trade Beauty and take advantage of our dynamic beauty product marketing platform that offers you incredible visibility and some fabulous opportunities to boost your business.
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