Swiss Clinic Beauty Accessory Cleaning Spray

Product number OBSS13001
EAN: 7350082940057

This product is being sold & shipped by RIDAM-NOTIONS B.V.


This antibacterial spray is designed to disinfect the Skin Roller. Our Beauty Accessory Cleaning Spray has a refreshing lemon scent and contains Aloe vera and vitamin E. It is both safe and antiseptic.


Ethylalcohol (62%), water, Aloë Barbadensis, glycerine, propyleenglycol, tocoferol, parfum / PEG-40.



Hold the Beauty Accessory Spray about 15 cm from the surface that you want to disinfect to cover the entire area thoroughly. Our sanitizer is ideal for disinfecting your Skin Roller before and after use to reduce the risk of infection. Spray 1-2 times, rub it in and let it dry.