Swiss Clinic Skin Roller 3-in-1

Product number OBSK18010
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Microneedling treatment is for those who want to get maximum results from their skin care routine. Skin Roller is a micro needle treatment with result-oriented and interchangeable needle heads. All three needle heads are included (3 in 1) to treat the entire body. This is the successor to our previously prize-winning treatments. The treatment is simple, painless, can be performed at home and offers real, visible results. * The interchangeable needle heads of the Skin Roller consist of silver-plated micro-needles in Japanese surgical steel. When the needles are rolled over the skin, damage to the skin is simulated. This means that the body's natural healing process begins, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated and new healthy skin cells are created. Included in the package 1x 0.2 mm for face (600 needles) 1x 0.5 mm for face (600 needles) 1x 0.5 mm for body (1080 needles)




1x 0,2 mm voor gezicht (600 naalden) 1x 0,5 mm voor gezicht (600 naalden) 1x 0.5mm voor lichaam (1080 naalden) 1x Handvat 1x Opbergdoos


The skin is perfectly clean Roll the Skin Roller back and forth in 4 directions with even pressure for 2-4 minutes; vertical, horizontal and diagonal from left to right and from right to left. Apply the desired serum immediately to the entire area, as microchannels are activated during the first 3-5 minutes after use. After each use, thoroughly clean the Skin Roller with a disinfectant (eg Beauty Accessory Cleaning Sprau). Keep the Skin Roller with the plastic sleeve on the end between the treatments. Perform the treatment daily in 5-day treatment cycles, ie 5 days of rolling and then 5 days of rest. Continue the 5/5-day cycles for 2 months. We recommend that you also use the serum during the days that you are resting. Allow the serum to absorb for 60 minutes before applying other skin care products. Allow your skin to rest for a month before starting another treatment cycle of 5/5 days. Always start a new treatment with a new needle head. It is the best way to achieve and maintain optimum results, for hygienic reasons and to prevent skin reactions. The needle heads can be easily removed and replaced. As is always the case with treatment with micro needles, the importance of cleanliness cannot be overestimated. Always remember to only treat dry, healthy, cleansed skin. Make sure your Skin Roller is disinfected. We recommend our Beauty Accessory Cleaning Spray for easy and thorough cleaning of your skin roller. You should also be careful with the lower part where you store your skin roller. Use the addition of the needle cap to ensure that the micro needles remain clean and intact. (The Beauty Accessory Cleaning Spray is not included, but is recommended for cleansing your skin roller. Keep in mind Avoid treatment if: You become open You suffer from dermatological disorders or are prone to scars (keloids) You are pregnant or breastfeeding