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Tergum Maximum N antioxidant serum

Brand: Tergum
Size: 0.5 oz
Product number 083765510055
EAN: 8470001666369

This product is being sold & shipped by Tergum S.L.


Based on our exclusive olive fruit extract, it has an unique antioxidant capacity. Beneficial properties certified by the Biomedical Institute of Virgen del Rocío University Hospital: 1) Reduces oxidative stress and cell DNA damage. 2) Anti-inflammatory effect. 3) Inhibits cell death. 4) Skin whitening, blemish reduction. • Protection against free radicals. • Vasodilatory. • Impact on cell repair (DNA). • Potential prevention of malignant cell processes. Our exclusive biotechnology, makes Tergum Maximum possible: 100% natural and with an unsurpassed antioxidant power. This is not just a typical marketing claim, it is a fact. We have let an independent research institution (CSIC) test our antioxidant power (Oxygen Radical Absorvance Capacity assay): it is over 7 times more powerful than Hydroxytyrosol extract included in many premium cosmetics.


Olive oil, olive fruit extract


Apply to the clean skin.