Tergum Sana Capilar shampoo

Brand: Tergum
Size: 6.76 oz
Product number 180601
EAN: 8470001806017

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A healthy hair involves a balanced scalp. And Tergum´s expertise when it comes to care about skin means an advantage. Hair loss is in most cases related to a missfunction of the sebaceous gland: the sebum that was meant to protect both scalp and hair can drown the hair follicle if produced in excess. Tergum has patented a Cucurbitaceae extract that calms the sebaceous gland and so helps to control hair loss. It is marketed under the name Sana Capilar. A treatment based on 2 shampoos: • Sana Capilar 1: cleans thoroughly the scalp, releasing the hair follicle. • Sana Capilar 2: the patented Cucurbitaceae extract calms the scalp to prevent sebum overflow.


Nr. 1: zinc pyrithione, tea tree oil, hamamelis virginiana leaf extract Nr. 2: cucurbitaceae extract


Apply shampoo nr. 1 and let the foam act for one minute. Rinse with water and apply shampoo nr. 2. After another minute rinse with water.