Vita Liberata starter package

Vita Liberata starter package

Product number 1464

Starter package Vita Liberata: This starter package comes with the content below, you will receive the display for free.

  • 2 x Invisi Foaming Tan Water - Medium / Dark
  • 2 x Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion
  • 2 x Body Blur - Latte
  • 2 x Beauty Blur - Latte
  • 2 x Self Tanning Anti Aging serum
  • 4 x Tanning Mitt
  • 1 x Display FREE

This product is being sold & shipped by Esthetic Health B.V.



Display starter package with content from Vita Liberata. Comes with Invisi Foaming Tan Water, Fabulous Gradaul Self Tanning Lotion, Body Blur, Beauty Blur, Self Tanning Anti Aging Serum and tanning mitts. With this total package you pay the value of the products and you receive the display for free.