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Are you looking for wholesale bath and body supplies for you salon, store or spa? Bath and body products help to beautify the skin of your customers by keeping it healthy. A healthy skin is smooth, clear and soft, and our body care products can help to achieve that optimal skin condition. On I Trade Beauty you will find not only products to maintain your healthy skin like bath lotion and body butter, but also body care products that can help against special skin conditions like acne and cellulite. Our suppliers even offer an assortment of soap making supplies to create your own beauty products. On our online beauty supply platform our suppliers offer a large assortment of wholesale bath and body supplies; browse through the category to find all the products you need for your salon, spa or store.

Wholesale bath products

Taking care of the body all starts with a good shower or bath. It washes away any dust, sweat and germs someone accumulates while being outside and it helps to protect the body against diseases that can linger on the skin and penetrate the body. If the wrong shower-or bath products are used however, the oil on the skin can get rubbed off, which leaves the skin dry and unprotected. Not exactly the result anyone wishes for! The wholesale bath and body supplies present on I Trade Beauty help to maintain or achieve a healthy skin. If a skin is already dry or too oily, we offer products that will help the skin get soft and smooth again. 

Wholesale body products

On our global beauty platform you will find wholesale body products for every skin type. For dry, oily or sensitive skin I Trade Beauty offers bath and shower gels for men and women, but also balms and ointments, body butter and body lotion. We also have products for skin with special conditions like acne and scars in our assortment: stretch mark removers, scar cream and acne products for example. If there is an area of the body where special attention is needed then we also have many different products like bust and nipple care, cellulite cream and leg cream.  

Bath and body products for baby and child

The skin of baby’s and children is different from adults’ in that it is more sensitive. The special wholesale bath and body supplies in this category are gentle enough even for newborns, rinses clean but will not dry out the delicate and immature skin of the baby or child. On I Trade Beauty you will find the best baby soaps and shampoos from international brands, but also high quality body products for children. Select the tab in our menu to see an overview of all the wholesale bath and body products our suppliers have to offer. 

Bath & Body supplies