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Are you looking for wholesale bath and shower products for your salon, spa or drugstore? Many of your clients probably know that a good bath or shower product can help them achieve and maintain a healthy skin. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale bath and shower products which focus on maintaining the natural oils of the skin and keeping the skin moisturized. Our suppliers offer both perfumed and non-perfumed bath and shower products, so please browse through our category to find the right products for you.

Wholesale body moisturizers

Moisturizing the skin has become an important part of the daily routine, as it should be. And not only the face needs a daily dose of moisturizing, the body as well. On our beauty platform you will find wholesale body moisturizers from international brands that will help your client retain an optimal level of moisture from their hands to their feet. We have both thick creams or lotions as well as oil-based moisturizers.

Wholesale bath and shower products for dry skin

Most of the times clients use a cream or lotion that is easy to apply and soaks in fairly quickly. If you client has a rather dry skin it might be worth a try to use an oil-based bath or shower product.  These products do take longer for your skin to absorb, but they will rejuvenate and hydrate the skin thoroughly without the need to use the products frequently. If your client has an oily skin it is important to stay away from these products and choose a cream or lotion instead. Browse through our platform to see all the wholesale bath and shower products for dry skin.

Wholesale natural bath and shower products

We talked briefly about the non-perfume lotions and creams that are also available for wholesale on I Trade Beauty. Cocoa butter for example, that helps to keep the skin smooth and soft. Shea butter has that effect as well. There are also oil-based bath and shower products with only natural ingredients, so please browse through our category for all the wholesale bath and shower products to read which products only have natural ingredients.

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