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Are you looking for wholesale body care and treatments? To get a healthy, smooth and radiant skin, it is vital to cleanse and moisturize the body from head to toe. This includes not only the head, feet and hands (like most people do), but also the arms, legs and body as a whole. Skin that is neglected will lose its shine and become clogged and dusty. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale body care products and treatments for all of the skin, so browse through our category to find the products you need for your salon or store.

Wholesale body oils and lotions

To relieve the body of stress, a bath filled with scented oils or salts will help to relax. Calming and relaxing aromas and odors will calm the nerves and still the mind. If a person has any physical aches or pains, a restorative and comfortaing lotion, cream or oil could assist in finding relief. You can find these products in our assortment as well.

Wholesale body treatments for acne, cellulite and scars

Acne can mostly be seen on the face, shoulders and back. While it can be irritating, there are different kinds of wholesale body treatments available on I Trade Beauty for acne that draw out dirt and congestion and leave the skin smooth and moisturized. For cellulite there are anti-cellulite treatments that help to encourage the fat deposits and smooth out the dimpled skin. If the skin is scarred from the outside (by being cut for example) or from the inside (stretch marks) you will discover a number of tightening and firming creams that help to restore the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. With regular applications of these various skin treatments, the skin can be renewed at a cellular level, enabling it to become healthier, firmer and more smooth.

Wholesale body butter, cream and gels

It is important to cleanse the body to remove any sweat and grime that can accumulate during the day. However, cleansing can sometimes also wash away the natural oil on the skin. To minimize the chance of getting a dry skin it is recommended to use a treatment from our assortment that suits the skintype and minimizes the drying effect of bath soap and shower gel. A body butter, cream or gel can replenish the lost moisture afterwards. 

Body Care & Treatments