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Are you looking for wholesale body cream and wholesale body butter? To get a healthy, soft and moisturized skin, it is important to regularly treat it with a cream or body butter. A body care creme or body butter is perfect for customers who do not have a lot of time on their hands and wish to take care of the skin in a minimum amount of time. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholeale body cream and wholesale body butter which you can easily apply on the skin and which sinks in quickly.

Wholesale body care creme

What kind of wholesale body cream will you find in this category? Think about a body care creme which is highly rehydrating and specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Our suppliers also offer creme which helps to tone the skin tissues and give the skin a lasting softness and elasticity. The body cream from our suppliers are suitable for normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin and can be used on the whole body after a shower for example. Some cremes are excellent for specific areas of the body that need special attention: elbows, knees and lower legs for example.

Wholesale body butter

Body butters are great products to use after a shower: the substances quickly get absorbed by the skin and they leave you with a smooth and silky skin throughout the day. The wholesale body butters our suppliers offer, are enriched with natural ingredients like aloe vera and minerals, which makes the skin extra soft and supple. There are body butters which you can use for your whole body and butters which focus on parts of the skin like your elbows and knees. Some body butters also have anti-wrinkle and skin enhancing properties to keep the skin youghtful and moisturized. These body butters effectively remove dryness and flakiness and keep the skin hydrated and smooth. Some suppliers also offer scented body butter with vanilla, rose or orange for example. 

Body Cream & Body Butter