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Are you looking for wholesale hair products for your hair salon, barber shop or store? Giving your customers beautiful and healthy hair is quite easy to accomplish once you have the right products tailored to the right hair type and the right way to tend to it. I Trade Beauty offers a wide collection of hair supplies that will fit the needs of every hair type. We have shampoos and conditioners to nourish the hair and make it look healthier. Lotions and serums are a great solution if you have hair with special needs, like dry or brittle hair. The brushes and electrical hair products on our platform are the perfect assistant to get hair untangled and styled. These products will fit respectively normal, dry and oily hair. Browse through our platform to find all the wholesale hair products you need for your beauty business. 

Wholesale shampoo and conditioner

One of the most basic products while maintaining healthy hair is a nourishing shampoo. On I Trade Beauty we offer wholesale shampoos that provide sustenance and strengthen the hair. Our special shampoos and conditioners for straight hair will smoothen each strand of hair to maintain a polished look all day long. For curly hair we have products that create shiny, moisturized locks. Browse through our platform to see all our beauty suppliers have to offer.

Hair color

Many men and women like to dye their hair in all kinds of natural (and less natural) colors. Some do it to achieve a new look; others like to dye it to camouflage their grey hair color. No matter the reason, it is important to use hair dye that not only colors but also nourishes it. On I Trade Beauty you will find many different wholesale hair dyes to suit every hair type.

Wholesale hair treatments

If the hair of your customer is damaged in any way, like when it’s dry or brittle, a special hair treatment might be needed to let the hair recover and get the radiance back. I Trade Beauty has various hair treatments available that penetrate deep into the core of the hair to provide the healthy balance and overall shine that people so desire. Select the treatments tab in our menu to see an overview of all the hair treatments we have to offer. 

Hair brushes, combes and electrical hair products

There are various accessories to help someone get the style and look they wish for. This includes besides personal care products like pomades, also products like brushes and electrical hair products. To straighten or curl the hair I Trade Beauty for example offers the best irons and straighteners.

Hair products