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As you a buyer for a beauty salon, hair dresser, barber shop or store? On I Trade Beauty you are able to shop wholesale hair brushes and combs from international suppliers, all from one account. The high quality brushes our suppliers offer can help you style the hair of your customers in any way you desire, while the combs can help you tease the hair to create the look you’ve imagined. Please browse through our category to find all the wholesale combs and brushes you might need for your hair salon, barber shop or store.

Wholesale hair brushes

A professional brush is indispensable for hair dressers and barbers, and on our beauty supply platform you will find wholesale hair brushes designed to be functional, durable and also easy to handle. Think of brushes with soft grips for example, that lay light in the hand so you can easily use it throughout the day. On our beauty supply platform we offer wholesale hair brushes in many different shapes, from flat to rectangular and from oval to square. The bristles also come in many different materials: nylon, metal, natural, horse or boar hair for example. Browse through  our category to find all the wholesale hair brushes you might need for your hair salon, barber shop or drugstore.

Wholesale combs

Just as professional brushes are indispensable for barbers and hair dressers, combs are also inseperable from the hair salon or barber shop. And just as there are many different brushes, you will also find many different wholesale combs on I Trade Beauty. We offer rattail and pintail combs to seperate the hair in different sections easily and detangling combs to detangle knotted hair without pulling it out. These combs are resistant to heat and chemicals and glide through wet or dry hair while reducing styling stress. 

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