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Are you looking for wholesale hair color for your hair salon, barber shop or store? On I Trade Beauty our suppliers offer hair color that not only colors, but also nourishes the hair. With nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E for example the hair doesn’t get dry or brittle. With the hair color products on our beauty supply platform you can achieve the fashionable look while maintaining soft and beautiful hair. Find wholesale hair color for all hair types and natural colors, as well as wholesale temporary hair dyes and lightening products on our platform.

Wholesale hair dye

Some customers would like a different look, others have the desire to cover unwanted grey hairs. Hair dye designed to cover the grey hairs peeping through the colored ones will help you keep hair youghtful. Most of these hair dyes are permanent, althought we also offer some temporary hair dyes to cover grey hairs. Whether you are looking for wholesale hair dye to cover grey hairs or dye in all kinds of natural and unnatural colors, you will find what you need on our beauty supply platform.

Wholesale temporary hair dyes

When customers enter your salon or store, thinking of changing their hair color, permanent hair dye is generally on their minds. However, there are a number of alternative dyes available to change the hair color. If they are not certain about a color, a temporary dye could be the perfect solution to test a new and fresh look. Depending on the choice of hair dye, the time the dye lasts will differ. A semi-permanent dye will last up to eight weeks while a cream gel might wash out the next time your customer takes a shower. Browse through our category to find all the wholesale temporary hair dyes you need.  

Wholesale lightening products

If your customers would like a a slight change in hair color, but don’t like the idea of a hair dye, a lightening spray might be a good idea. This spray will have  the effect of a sun-kissed look and it will lighten the hair slightly, so you customer will look like he or she has spend a significant amount of time in the sun. If you have customers with blonde or light brown hair these wholesale lightening products might be the product for you. 

Hair Color