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Hair color boosters and high lift colors are often already used by hair professionals to protect colored hair (booster) or lift hair four full shades (lift) to enhance the performance of the hair color and to avoid orange and gold tones. If you own a hair salon, spa or store and you would like to sell hair color boosters to consumers or use them in your treatments, browse through this hair product category to find the products you are looking for. Find the wholesale hair color booster you need on our wholesale marketplace for the beauty industry. If you have any questions about the ingredients or about the effects of a hair color booster, please do not hesitate to contact the beauty supplier via chat or email. Not that because of the time difference the response may be delayed by a day.

Wholesale hair color booster and hair glazes

Hair color does not stay the same for weeks and weeks. It loses it’s vibrancy over time and it of course grows, showing color differences. A hair color booster adds to the hair color and conditions the strands, adding radiance to the locks. Color results achieved with a color-boost addition are more intense. Often customers are not familiar with hair color booster or color-depositing glazes, even though these products can extend the longevity of the colored hair dramatically. The formulas increase color performance and give the hair color the extra volume it needs to achieve a high lift. Hair color boosters also protect the hair against UV fading while smoothening and repairing the hair. They do not affect the color tone itself, but do add some lifting power. About half to one shade of extra lift can be achieved from a color booster. Find all the wholesale hair color boosters and hair glazes you need on our online platform.

High lift dye wholesale

A high lift dye is a great alternative for bleach. The high lift dye was created for customers who didn’t want to bleach their hair, but still would like to lift their hair a few levels. A high lift color lightens the hair more effectively than other blonde dyes, yet it still tones it during the lightening process. A high lift dye usually turns the hair four to five shades lighter, whereas a bleach can turn the hair color seven to eight shades lighter. The effect is therefore slightly less, although the amount of irritation and damage on the hair is also less than bleach. Bleach will require you to tone the hair seperately as an additional step, while high lift color lightens and tones the hair at the same time. A high lift dye can only be used on virgin hair however, since it can’t lighten dyed hair. If your customer has dark hair they will not get blonde hair with a high lift dye, they would need to get their hair bleached.

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