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When people talk about hair dye or color-treated hair, they often mean a permanent hair color. If you color the hair of a customer with permanent hair dye, you open up the shaft of the hair and add color. It differs from semi permanent hair where the product does not open the shaft, but immediately applies color to the hair. Semi-permanent hair color therefore fades more easily since it cannot embed deeply into the hair like permanent hair color does. This is exactly why permanent hair color is such a great product to use on gray hair. If you customer wishes to change their hair color dramatically, from blonde to brown for example, a permanent hair color will also do the trick. Find the wholesale permanent hair color you need for your hair salon, spa or store on our online wholesale marketplace for the beauty industry.

Permanent hair color wholesale

Since permanent hair color opens up the shafts of the hair, the color changes the hair structure to make color changes. The advantage of this formula is that you can either lighten, darken, change or add to the tone of the hair. It can cover gray hair permanently and provides a full coverage. The color will last for weeks, although you have to mix the product with an activator or developer before use. You will find the developer and activator for wholesale in our hair products category as well. The suppliers and manufacturers of hair dye go to great lenghts to not only develop a hair color that lasts, but also minimizes the damage that is done the the hair. Hair colored with permanent hair color will usually remain that way until the hair has grown out, but it will start to fade in four to six weeks. How much you will notice from depens on the difference in color.

Wholesale permanent hair dye

The wholesale permanent hair dye is available in every color of the rainbow. The beauty brands and suppliers connected to our platform upload more hair colors every day. If you are looking for a specific hair color but it is not in the overview, please do not hesitate to contact the supplier to ask them about it via email or chat. Note that because of the time difference responses may be delayed by a day. If you are looking for hair products to care for color-treated hair like conditioner and shampoo for color-treated hair, you will find these products in their shampoo– and conditioner categories. Suppliers also offer hair masks to flatten the cuticle and seal in the moisture, as well as add shine to the hair. 

Permanent hair color