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If you own a hair salon, spa or store with hair products, these products should always be available. Hair pre- color treatments ensure that the hair color spreads evenly from root to tip and gets absorbed properly. The product helps to even the porosity of the hair prior to coloring, tinting, lightening, relaxing or permanent waving the hair. It improves the color intensity and durability of the hair color and highlifted or highlighted hair. If you would like to add hair pre-color treatments to the assortment of your salon, store or spa please browse through our hair products category to find all the wholesale hair pre-color treatments you are looking for.

Wholesale pre color treatments

A hair pre-color treatment is especially beneficial if some of the hair is more damaged than the rest or if your hair has grown and you have a color-difference near the roots. Since gray hairs often have a drier and coarser texture they can be resistant to coloring, so a pre color treatment will prepare it to better accept color. This is also a great way to cut the hair of your customer as it is already wet. You can color the cut this way instead of cutting the color off that you just did. It may differ from hair stylist to hair stylist when you would use a pre color treatment. It is usually done for one of the above reasons, or for customers in general who get a one-step color for example. An extreme change in color, like when they are going from blonde to brown for example is also a good reason to use a pre color treatment. If you would like to add to your coloring routine, please browse through our category to find all the wholesale pre color treatments you might need for your hair salon, spa or store.

Hair pre color treatments wholesale

A question your customer might ask if they purchase the product or if you use it during a hair color treatment is: will it avoid damage and can I color my hair more frequently? Although it is true that pre-color treatments help to minimize the damage coloring does to the hair, it does not mean customers can change the hair color every week. Coloring or dying the hair need tob e retouched about every six to eight weeks, but even then only the roots will get the main color treatment. The rest of the strands will only get a slight touch-up for a few minutes to minimize the damage. Especially customers with high-lift color formulas can over-stress the hair when being colored extensively. Pre-color treatments should not be seen as the ultimate protection against any damage. They can prevent the hair color from damaging the hair too much, but it will not completely stop it in the long run. If you are looking for more hair products to keep the hair color bright and beautiful for as long as possible, please visit out hair color booster and high lift category, as well as our shampoo and conditioner categories. 

Hair Pre-color Treatments