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Semi-permanent hair color, or hair gloss as it is also called, is a great addition to any hair salon, store or spa. The formula is perfect for any customer who would like to change their hair color slightly and temporary, or needs to keep their colored hair maintained without damaging the hair too much. Or how about using a semi-permanent hair color to test if a color matches the image the customer is looking for? The beauty brands and suppliers connected to us upload more colors and products every day, however if you miss any color please do not hesitate to contact the brand or supplier to ask them. For permanent hair color products please visit our permanent hair color category.

Wholesale semi-permanent hair color

If you sell permanent and semi-permanent hair color in your salon, spa or store, you might notice customers who’ll only buy permanent hair color. As you know semi-permanent hair color is a temporary color that stays on top of the hair, instead of permanent hair color where it opens up the shaft to add color. If customers like to dye their hair themselves, they might prefer to only use permanent hair color for that reason, even if it is just for a touch-up. This misinformation will only damage their hair. If you urge them to combine a permanent and semi-permanent hair color, it will give them the best results for a touch-up. The permanent hair color can be used on the roots, while the semi-permanent hair dye adds just the right amount of color to the already openend hairshaft of the rest of the hair. If the hair is rather porous, a semi-permanent hair color or temporary hair dye might even last longer than a permanent hair color, simply because it absorbs in the hair and works as a stain. Find all your wholesale semi-permanent hair color and hair dye in this hair products category.

Semi-permanent hair color wholesale

There are a few benefits of using only semi-permanent hair color. It doubles as a deep conditioning treatment, so even if your customers do not want to change their hair color they can use it in a clear version to condition their hair. There is no need for any developer or activator when applying the semi-permanent hair color, you only need the product itself. You can also just use the product directly onto the hair without the need to mix any products or make it thinner. There are of course also certain downsides, like the fact that it will only be able to color the hair. Customers who wish to go lighter will have to turn to permanent hair color and peroxide. A semi-permanent hair dye is also unable to completely hide gray hair and it will wash out in about eight washes. If your customer is looking for a long-lasting color a permanent hair color is the better choice. If they are looking for a slight and temporary change, a semi-permanent hair color is the right choice. It’s best to have both products in your salon, store or spa. Also if customers would like to dye their roots, a semi-permanent hair color will be a great addition to add color to the rest of the hair without damaging it too much. Find all the semi-permanent hair color wholesale on our online marketplace for beauty products.

Wholesale semi-permanent hair dye

If you wish to remove semi-permanent hair color because it is too dark, you can do so by using hair-coloring correction techniques. Use a clarifying shampoo or color remover and a corresponding recommended peroxide or developer. You will find these hair products in this category or in with our shampoos and color removers. 

Semi-permanent hair color