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Do you have a beauty salon, spa or store and would you like to buy wholesale electrical hair products? Then you don’t need to look further. On I Trade Beauty we offer you the best wholesale hair dryers to create stunning hairstyles and expert curlers to create loose waves and bouncing curls. Are you looking for professional tools to straighten the hair? On our beauty platform you will find a wide assortment of wholesale electrical hair products like straighteners and irons to suit your needs. We also offer accessories and appliances to create a stylish look every day for every occasion.

Wholesale hair dryers and blow dryers

A hair dryer is one of the basic tools for a hair dresser, barber or beauty salon. Nowadays the hair dryers do so much more than just drying. On our beauty supply platform you will find wholesale hair dryers with multiple drying options for precise styling and drying effects. They are also designed for easy cleaning and the hand-held dryers weight very little, so they are easy to handle all day long. Our blow dryers are highly efficient and dry very quickly, enabling you to help your customers create hair with body and volume. Find out about all our wholesale hair dryers by browsing through our category.

Wholesale curlers and straighteners

Hair dryers and blow dryers are great for air-dried looks, but they don’t always give the desirable result you have in mind, no matter how many drying options they have. A heat styling tool could add to the styling options you already have, creating a sleek style for example, continuing where the blow dryer leaves off. If you are looking for a hairstyle with body, volume and curl a curler can help to create a smooth and bouncy curl. On I Trade Beauty you can choose from a number of wholesale straighteners and wholesale curlers, available in different styles, colors and sizes.

Wholesale clippers and trimmers

Trimmers and clippers are definitely necessary tools to create the perfect mens hairstyle. We offer wholesale trimmers that are excellent for all-around outlining and fading. They are also ideal for trimming in hard to get places like beards, mustaches and edging around the ears. Some trimmers also have a soft-touch grip that helps to reduce to hand and wrist fatigue. Browse through our category to find all the wholesale trimmers and clippers you might need for you hair salon, barber shop or beauty salon. 

Electrical Hair Products