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As a beauty professional you know that shopping for the perfect curling iron can sometimes be a chore. Between the different barrel lengths, the hot curlers, and the idea that you can get beach waves with a flat iron, how are you supposed to make the right choice? Which curling iron or curling wand is the best for the result you have in mind? Do you need a curling iron for short hair or long hair? Take your time finding the perfect curling iron and curling wand and compare a few specifications. Contact the suppliers via chat or email if you have any questions about the effects of a specific curling iron or hair styling tool. Find all the wholesale curling irons and wholesale curling wands on our online trade platform for the beauty industry.

Wholesale curling irons

There are four main questions you should ask yourself while looking for a curling iron. Does the curling iron get hot enough for you to curl the hair properly? Hair with a thicker texture might need a curling tool with a higher wattage than thin hair. Is the barrel size the right size for the curls you want to create? As you know a smaller barrel means smaller and tighter curls, as looser barrels mean bigger curls. Also look at the handle and cord. Is it easy to use if you use it for an extended period of time? Is the quality good enough for intensive use? Some suppliers also offer different packages with a curling iron and different-sized barrels. Find the best curling iron for your hair salon, beauty salon, spa or store on our wholesale marketplace for the beauty industry.

Curling wand

When the curling wand first came out, many consumers were confused. They had mastered the curling iron, so how different would a curling wand be? There are a few differences in appearance and effect, which might help the customers in your store, spa or salon choose the right one for them. A curling iron for example has a clasp which you can use to create polished ringlets. The hair spirals downward and it can vary from tight curls to voluminous waves, depending on which barrel you use. You can break up the ringlets to let them look more like waves. A curling wand on the other hand has no clasp and is used to create natural waves. Instead of the bouncy and polished look, the curling wand creates more relaxed, natural waves. Which kind of tool your customer needs therefore depends on the effect they would like to create and how much time they would like to spend on their hairdo. A curling wand is faster and creates smoother curls than a curling iron, but a curling iron gives more glamorous locks. There are curling wands in different shapes and sizes to vary the volume of the curl, like clipless wands, marcel wands and bubble wands, so browse through our category to find the wholesale curling wands you need for your hair salon, spa and store.

Wholesale curling irons and curling wands

Both curling irons and curling wands will help you create an endless variety of curls: tight perm like curls, spirals curls, flick curls, ringlet curls, bouncy curls, beach or wavy curls. Some curling irons contain tourmaline technology with negative ions, which leaves your hair shiny and smooth. The ions seal the hair oil, color and moisture and are more resistant than ceramic barrels. Note that barrels with tourmaline technology are often more expensive to replace. Ask your beauty supplier about the specifics of ceramic versus tourmaline technology. 

Curling irons & Curling wands