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If you own a hair salon, spa or beauty salon you probably have a few professional hair clippers at your disposal. These sharpened comb-like blades oscillate from side to side, cutting off the hair that is in between. Cutting with a hair clipper is fast, since the hair can be picked up in locks and trimmed. In the past the hair clippers were widely used by the military to cut their hair close to the skin. Nowadays most hair dressers and barbers use the hair clippers to give short back and side haircuts, but new cutting techniques are invented every day. If you are looking for new hair clippers for wholesale, please browse through our product assortment and contact the supplier you’re interested in.  

Hair clippers wholesale

The best hair clippers have an extremely low friction between the blades, which is attained by choice of the material and finish, but also frequent lubrication. There are manual hair clippers as well as electric hair clippers; both kinds have their specialties for different haircuts. The blades of hair clippers are usually made of stainless steel, although some hair clipper brands also have a ceramic cutter in their assortment. Ceramic cutters are electric and have certain benefits: they take a longer time to become dull and remain cool even after long use. They are also not subject to corrosion, however they break easily. Replacing a ceramic blade is often more expensive than replacing a metal blade, but you can ask the supplier about the specifics.

Manual hair clippers

Hair clippers are becoming a standard tool in every home. However choosing a hair clipper can be a daunting task for most customers, especially since there’s not only the hair clipper brand to choose from. Models, accessories, attachments, blades, guide combs are also important when choosing a hair clipper. If you’re selling professional hair clippers, customers will probably ask you about the guide comb and blades the most. Having multiple guide combs and blades is a must when choosing the right hair clipper to suit the hairstyle. If your customer would like to create a haircut buzzed close to the scalp, choose a small size clip with a small number on it etc. If they’re unsure about cutting their hair themselves but still want to purchase a hair clipper, you can advise them to go for a clipper size that is slightly longer than they’ll need. They can always go shorter. For at home use an electric clipper is mostly used instead of a manual hair clipper.

Wholesale electric hair clippers

The electric hair clippers are widely used by barbers and hairdressers because they work fast. There are a few different electric hair clippers to choose from, detachable blade clippers, adjustable hair clippers and t-trimmers for example. Every clippers has it’s own benefits and specifications, so please browse through the category to see which electric hair clipper will suit your style the best. Electric hair clippers are high maintenance compared to manual hair clippers. The blades must be lubricated frequently with hair clipper oil or clipper spray desinfectant. If you would like to know what is inside the oil and disinfectant you can contact the beauty supplier. 

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