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If you own a hair salon or barbershop, or you are the buyer for hair products for a spa or store, hair clippers and trimmers are probably high on your list. These products are great to use to cut longer hair short again, and for the precision tasks like trimming a beard or even trimming nose hair. On our platform you will find trimmers with different features, so scroll thrugh our category to find the perfect match for your hair salon, store or spa. Will it be a cordless trimmer with quiet motor, or a lightweight trimmer with multiple attachments? Find all the wholesale hair trimmers on our online b2b trade platform. If you have any questions about the product, please contact the supplier of hair products.

Difference between hair trimmers and clippers

If you sell hair trimmers in your hair salon, spa or store with hair products, this will probably become a frequently asked question: what is the difference between hair trimmers and clippers? Trimmers and clippers are closely related. The difference lies more in the guide or the size and length of the blades. Hair clippers are mostly used to cut longer hair, and therefore come with attachments to adjust the length of the hair. Trimmers don’t necessarily have attachments. The blades of a trimmer are also thinner so the product van work on finer details and shorter hair. Trimmers can also be used for the areas around the chin and neck. A hair trimmer is mostly meant for the finer details and the finishing touch on a haircut and beard-trim.

Wholesale hair trimmers – different functions

Whether your are looking for a hair trimmers for personal use or to sell in your salon, spa or store, there are many different options available. If you have customers with sensitive skin, a hair trimmer with a hypoallergenic blade will help to fight irritation. Blades made from stainless steel or titanium will reduce the irritation and impact of friction. A vacuum beard trimmer is nearly hassle free and a wet and dry functionality it doesn’t even matter whether your hair it wet or dry.

Face trimmer and brow trimmer

If your customer has hair in their face or very bushy or deformed brows for example, a face or brow trimmer with different attachments can be a great solution. With these attachments you can adjust the lenght for those precision tasks. Find face trimmers and brow trimmers for wholesale on our online platform for the beauty industry.

Wholesale nose trimmer and wholesale ear trimmer

A nose trimmer and ear trimmer are ideal products to remove hair in those places a normal hair trimmer can’t touch. These trimmers especially created for those small places will cut the hair and make it like they were never there. Some suppliers offer a nose trimmer and ear trimmer as one product, which you can often use on the face as well as the ears or nose. These trimmers also come in a wet and dry version, so if you have customers who like to trim themselves after a shower you can advise them these products. 

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