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Hair dryers have evolved quite a lot over the past few years. If you have used the same hair dryers over the past few years and you are looking for new ones for your salon, spa or store, you will notice the increase in extra options on hair dryers. Cool shot buttons for example, or the addition of ionic technology and dual voltage. If you are a hair stylist you know that picking up a professional hair dryer can make all the difference in your styling routine. On our wholesale b2b trading platform you will find hair dryers with adjustable temperature, multiple speed settings and different shapes and sizes. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the supplier.

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One of the important aspects of a hair dryer is the wattage. If your customer has thin hair, a hair dryer with a wattage around 1800 or higher is advised. Many professional hair dryers will have a wattage that is higher, even as high as 3600. Although these blow dryers will be more expensive than the ones with a wattage of 1800, they are great for thick and curly hair. These hair dryers will dry rather quickly, so the hair sustains less damage. If your goal is to smoothen the hair, you can look for a hair dryer that has ceramic and titanium technology. The ceramic heat generates infrared heat, which gently dries the hair from the inside out as it protects against heat damage. This will help you create smooth and silky hair. Ionic technolgy on the other hand generates negative ions to lock in moisture. This decreases the drying time, especially when used with a tourmaline product. Tourmaline is a mineral that helps smoothen the hair by sealing the hair cuticle and retaining moisture.

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Instead of a few simple buttons hair dryers have multiple heat and power controls. Higher settings will remove most of the moisture from the hair, while the lower settings can be used to nearly dry hair. If your customer has dry hair these features are great, but an adjustable temperature will really be able to avoid heat damage. A cool shot button helps to set the style. With a round brush for example you can smooth the hair for more bounce and volume. And if you worry about the weight, there are lightweight hair dryers available on our platform. They are small, ergonomic and compact which will create less strain while you dry. These kind of dryers are ideal for hair dressers, who have to hold the dryer multiple times a day. Find all the wholesale hair dryers on this platform.

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A hair dryer comes with different kinds of attachments; nozzle attachments, diffusers with blow dryers and concentrators for example. Whether you would like to create curls, sleek straightness of just dry hair, if you know all the possibilities it will make fors marter purchases. How about a mitt diffuser, which is a great accessoire you can put over any hotel dryer to keep it hygenic. Or ion diffusers which use a kind of sock jam to smuch it up between the curls. There are even curl diffusers available, which will create curls in wet hair in a matter of seconds. 

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