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If you are looking for a hair straightener for professionals, look no further. On I Trade Beauty suppliers from all over the world have gathered to present you their hair straighteners and flat irons. We have hair products from well-known beauty brands as well as new brands who are eager to show you what kind of products they have thought up. Find your ceramic straighteners, mini straighteners, flat irons with steam and limited edition straighteners on our online b2b platform for the beauty industry. Also note that some suppliers upload limited edition hair straighteners and flat irons from time to time, so keep an eye on this category. If you have any questions about the products or their cost please contact the supplier.

Wholesale hair straighteners

Wholesale hair straighteners come in all shapes and sizes. Ceramic straighteners for example give a constant infrared heat, which prevents the drying of hair and fading of color-treated hair. Frizz and dry hair will be no problem, since the hair straighteners with ceramic plates contain iones which close the hair cuticles. A ceramic hair straightener will also add more shine to the hair. If your customer has thick, curly or long hair, a ceramic straightener with large ceramic plates will be the best product. Would you like to use a hair straightener on wet and dry hair? A hair straightener with steam can be used directly after washing to style the hair. The steam hair straightener contains small holes to release the steam of the wet hair.

Wholesale flat irons

A hair straightener or flat iron is not only meant for straightening as the name implies. Many customers won’t know that with flat irons you can curl hair, add body to it, twist it and more. When choosing a hair straightener they should not only look at how a hair straightener straightens, but also styles. Finding the best hair straightener also depends on the hair texture of your customer and the results they would like to get. The best straightener for thin hair for example might not be the perfect match for someone with coarse hair that can be difficult to get the right amount of heat on. Some straighteners are perfect for wet and dry hair, other straighteners are ideal for brazilian keratin treatments. A small hair straightener is perfect for short hair or hair that is already sleek. If you want to straighten bangs a small straightener is also very practical to use. Think the cord will get in the way of staightening? There are also cordless straighteners available which work on a battery. Find all your wholesale hair straighteners and wholesale flat irons on our online trade platform for the beauty industry

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