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Besides a nourishing shampoo to care for the hair, a conditioner also plays an important role in keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. Whether your customer washes their hair daily or a few times a week, as a professional you wish to select the right conditioner to suit their hair’s needs. I Trade Beauty offers wholesale hair conditioners that hydrate, enhance the natural color of the hair and help you keep the hair from going dry or brittle. Browse through our category to find all the wholesale hair conditioners you need.

Wholesale hair conditioner for all hair types

The conditioners presented on I Trade Beauty are available for all hair types. If you have a customer with coarse, frizzy or dry hair, adding a conditioner to their daily routine can dramatically improve the texture of their hair. The conditioner infuses strands of hair with moisturizer so the natural moisture level of the hair is restored and it gets extra shine. Especially customers with hair that is prone to static will benefit from a conditioner to keep their locks in check. Find wholesale hair conditioners for all types of hair on our beauty supply platform.

Conditioner for fine and thinning hair

If your customer has fragile or thinning hair, we also offer conditioners that target these specific problems. Our wholesale conditioners for fine hair are designed to add volume and bounce, while our wholesale conditioners for thinning hair have ingredients that make each strand of hair look fuller.

Wholesale conditioner for colored hair

Coloring the hair tends to dry out the hairshaft and damage the cuticle, therefore it is important to use a specialized conditioner to restore the strenght of the hair and maintain the moisture. A conditioner especially designed for dyed hair will also help to protect the hair against color fading. You can find the wholesale conditioners for colored hair in this category as well.

Wholesale sun care conditioner

The sun can cause a lot of damage to the hair and scalp, leaving it dry and dull. Especially during the holidays and in the summer, when people go for a swim in the salt sea or a chlorinated pool, hair can become brittle. A conditioner with sun protection can reduce the risk of damage to the hair while being outdoors. On our beauty supply platform you will find wholesale sun care conditioners from international suppliers. 

Hair Conditioner