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People with a sensitive skin will know that using the wrong shampoo and conditioner will only cause an itchy feeling and a dry and flaky scalp. It can even be painful or get infected, not the result anyone wishes for. It can be difficult to find a conditioner that adresses the sensitive scalp without drying it out or irritating it even further. An anti-dandruff conditioner could be a solution, but if the skin is very sensitive a conditioner for sensitive scalp often works better. In this category you will find conditioners that focus specifically on the scalp. If you would like to add hair products for sensitive scalp to your assortment, you will find wholesale conditioners for sensitive scalp on our wholesale beauty trade platform. If you have any questions about the specifics of a beauty product, please do not hesitate to chat with the supplier or beauty brand to email them. Note that replies may be a day late because of the time differences.

Conditioner for sensitive hair wholesale

The conditioners for sensitive scalps need to be free from harsh detergents and not damage the scalps delicate cellular structure. Instead it needs to strenghten and protect the scalp with a mild and gentle formula and prevent moisture from leaking out. Some of the conditioners for sensitive scalp in this category contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, lemon or thyme for example, which leaves the hair soft, hydrated and manageable. These conditioners won’t leave build-up, but also do not irritate the scalp. There are even conditioners which specialize in eczema, and these products do not only contain no fragrance, no color or dyes or parabens, but they also do not contain any lanolin, SLS of SLES, no formaldehyde or propylene glycol. It is therefore a very gentle conditioner which is even suitable for seborrheic dermatitis.

Wholesale sensitive scalp conditioner

Conditioners for the sensitive skin and scalp revitalize the natural structure, adding body and shine to the hair. Natural ingredients like soy proteins, jojoba oils and nettle extract will help to repair split ends to prevent the hair from looking frizzy or dull. These conditioners will help to keep the hair and scalp healthy and protect the hair against further damage. Find all the wholesale sensitive scalp conditioner on our wholesale beauty trade platform

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