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Do you have customers in your salon, spa or store with a dry and itchy scalp? Would they like to get rid of those unsightly dandruff flakes on their heads? The right hair care products can make all the difference in treating it. In this category you will find special anti-dandruff conditioners for wholesale, the perfect product to fight off the itchy scalp and flakes. If you have any questions about the hair care products, please do not hesitate to contact the supplier on our wholesale beauty trade platform.

Anti-dandruff conditioner for wholesale

An anti-dandruff conditioner is a great addition to your anti-dandruff shampoo to fight off the dandruff. Note that some conditioners without anti-dandruff properties can wash away the dandruff-fighting ingredients from the anti-dandruff shampoo. The conditioners shown in this category are developed to work together with anti-dandruff shampoos to fight off flakes, while conditioning the hair to make it feel soft and healthy. There are many dandruff conditioners on the market, so browse through our category to find the perfect match for your specific situation. If your customer has rather dry hair with dandruff for example, an anti-dandruff conditioner with extra moisturizing ingredients will help to keep the hair healthy. If your customer has oily hair, a conditioner which also adresses that issue is preferred.

Wholesale anti-dandruff conditioner

More and more hair care brands develop conditioners specialized in hair conditions like color-treated hair, frizz hair, thinning hair and anti-dandruff. If you suffer from hair loss, there are special shampoos and conditioners available to help your hair get stronger and healthier. If customers have a sensitive scalp, there is special anti-dandruff conditioner for sensitive skin available. These products usually contain natural alternatives to chemical ingredients so the risk of an allergic reaction is lessened. If your customer has a sensitive scalp you can also look for conditioners without added fragrances. If you have any questions about the ingredients or the effects of the hair product, please do not hesitate to contact the supplier or brand via chat or email. Note that because of the time difference responses might be delayed by a day. 

Anti-Dandruff Conditioner