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As a hair professional you are well aware that natural blonde hair as well as bleached blonde hair is high-maintenance, with colored hair even requiring frequent touch-ups. This hair color can also loose its vibrance rather quickly if not maintained with the right shampoo and conditioner. With a conditioner especially formulated for blonde hair your customers will keep their healthy hair that will not lose its luster. Find all the wholesale conditioner for blonde hair on our wholesale marketplace for beauty products. If you have any questions about the ingredients or about the effect, please do not hesitate to contact the supplier vis chat or email.

Conditioner for blonde hair wholesale

If your customer does not have natural blonde hair but blonde highlights instead, you might want to use a conditioner tailored to hair with highlights, like a toning conditioner to maintain the color. Recently the purple toning shampoo and purple conditioner have taken their place on the market, to neutralize unwanted warm tones in platinum-blonde and near-white blonde coupes. These products contain different gradiants of purple, from a bright purple to a more silvery lilac. Some formulas with more intense pigments can be drying, so customers with dry hair should use the lighter tones to maintain their blonde locks. If you would like to sell toning conditioners for blonde hair in your salon, spa or store note that some products are so concentrated they can stain part of the hair a very faint lavender if left on for too long. If the highlights are still fresh or the hair is double-processed you should use and advise styling products that have no color pigment at all so the hair won’t pick up the color of the product.

Conditioner for blonde highlights

People with blonde to near-white hair know the struggle of keeping it that beautiful blonde color: orange tones, stains and fading if it’s colored… Especially bleached hair can damage it. Conditioning your hair regularily will protect the hair from further damage, and is also a great help in detangling it after washing. On our wholesale marketplace for the beauty industry you can find conditioners from indie beauty brands as well as well-known brands. Note that many brands sell a conditioning product to complement a shampoo for blonde hair, so you may want to look at combinations of the same brand first.

Wholesale conditioner for blonde hair

To assist the toning conditioner, there are also toning hair masks on the market. They deposit an amount of violet color which immediately soaks into the hair strands, leaving your hair amazingly soft. Additional hair care products to help keep the blonde from going dull are clarifying shampoos and cleansing cream shampoos. These products remove any impurities from the hair like pollution and water deposits and get rid of the stains that appear over time. Find all you wholsale conditioner for blonde hair on our online beauty trade platform.  

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