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If you own a hair salon, spa or store chances are rather large you have gotten customers with brown hair for a haircut, a dye or to just to buy hair products. A shampoo and conditioner are essential in keeping the hair healthy and add shine, and brands have been specializing in hair products for hair with ‘problems’ like dandruff, but also for different hair colors. The trick to having beautiful brown hair is the glossy shine and the richness in colour you can create with these products. A color locking shampoo is good, but how about a matching conditioner? Find all the brunette conditioner for wholesale on our online marketplace for the beauty industry. If you have any questions about the effects or about the ingredients, please do not hesitate to contact the supplier.

Wholesale brunette conditioner

The wholesale conditioners for brunettes on this platform contain ingredients like almond oil and crushed pearls, which reveal the rich and radiant tones in the hair. These ingredients will also help to protect the color from fading. Whether you have customers with natural brown hair or dyed brown hair, these conditioners will bring the color to life and boost the shine. If you would like to add a slightly different hue to the hair color, there are also conditioners that enhance the dark tones in the brown, so you can reveal a deeper color just using that conditioner. Rather emphasize the lighter side of the brown hair color? A brightening conditioner will illuminate the brunette tones.

Color depositing conditioner for brown hair wholesale

If your customer is looking for a slightly larger change in their hair color, but do not wish to commit to permanent of semi-permanent hair dyes, a color depositing conditioner is a great addition to the hair care routine. These conditioners not only moisturize the hair, but also lightly deposit color with each wash. This way the hair will keep its shine and stay healthy. While there are color depositing shampoos as well who help to preserve the hair, a combination with a color depositing conditioner will give the best results. Color depositing conditioners are especially great if your customer has color-treated hair that is a different tone than their natural hair color. If left alone or washed with normal shampoo and conditioner, the roots would become instantly visible. A color depositing conditioner will keep the color from fading. Even if your customer has kept their natural shade of hair a color depositing conditioner can add depth and subtily change or add undertones. If you get a customer who likes his or her brown shade, but feels it can use a little upgrade, these conditioners can add a few subtile warm tones to liven it up. A color depositing conditioner is also great for customers who would like to try a new hair color, but do not want to commit to semi-permanent hair dyes. A bright red conditioner on brown hair for example will change your shade just enough to see results, while it is still temporary.

Conditioner for brunettes

No matter if you are looking for a conditioner for people with natural brown hair or color-treated hair, you will find it in this category. The suppliers and beauty brands upload new hair products every day, so browse through the pages to see every option. If you are looking for other hair care products, please visit our shampoo, hair dye and hair mask categories.