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Although all conditioners slightly address the damage hair sustains through styling with electrical hair products, the weather or excessive washing for example, there are also conditioners that focus completely on the hair damage. These conditioners are gentle formulas which make dry and coarse hair softer and silkier. Even for customers with fine hair these conditioners can be used since they do not weigh the hair down. If you are looking for wholesale conditioner for damaged hair, please browse through our category to find all the hair products you might need for your hair salon, spa or store. If you would like to know more about the ingredients used or about the effects of the conditioners, please do not hesitate to contact the beauty brand or the distributor showcasing the product.

Conditioner for damaged hair wholesale

Chemical treatments like perms and color-treatments can cause damage to the hair, since they tend to dry out the shaft. To prevent damaging the hair any furhter it is important to use a conditioner with a gentle formula which restores the hair strenght and seals in the moisture. If you have customers with over-processed hair there are shampoos and conditioners which contain a special formula to adress that particular problem. These products envelop the hair fiber during washing while conditioning to reduce friction and protect the hair from the environment. Does your customer have split ends? Look for conditioners and hair treatments which focus on that particular damage. These conditioners for split ends reconstruct each fiber to make it look smooth and shiny again. Although this is a temporary measure, some conditioners also help to rebuild and strenghten the hair fiber, to reduce the breakage.

Wholesale conditioner for damaged hair

Perhaps you’re used to using both a shampoo and conditioner, where the shampoo cleans the hair and the conditioner nourishes the hair. But why not use a duo-product that does it both? In our wholesale conditioner for damaged hair – category you will find a two-in-one formula, which are one part cleanser to three parts conditioner. These products build a gentle lather to wash but also hydrate at once. There are also shampoo and conditioner-duo’s available which complement each other to give you softer and silkier hair. If you have found a conditioner to your liking, visit the product showcase of the supplier to see if there is a shampoo of the same brand available as well. 

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