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If you own a hair salon, spa or store you might have had customers asking about the effects of permanent hair dye. Since it is called permanent, shouldn’t it just stay that color forever? That would be great of course, but the reality is different. Even permanent dye loses its shine and vibrancy over the weeks. The perfect product to slow that process down as much as possible: conditioner for color-treated hair. These conditioners will lock in color and prevent fading, so the color-treated hair will keep its shine as long as possible. Whether you are looking for a conditioner for color-treated hair to use in the salon or to sell to customers for at-home use, you will find the right color-protecting condtioner on our wholesale marketplace for beauty products. Just browse through our category and contact the supplier if you have found the product you were looking for.

Wholesale conditioner for color-treated hair

Which conditioner for color-treated hair is the perfect match largely depends on the natural hair color and the color that it’s been treated with. There are special condtioners for color-treated hair available which minimize red hues and help with cooler tones, which is great for brown and black hair. Other conditioners however focus on the red hue with henna and madder root, to protect the warm brunettes and reds. When a hair color with red hues would normally get a little dull, during the winter for example, these conditioners will keep the hair vibrant and shiny for as long as possible. Looking for a conditioner for color-treated blonde hair? You will find conditioners on this platform which eliminate the brassy and enhances the shine and virbance of blonde hair. These conditioners take away the red and orange undertones, thereby keeping the hair truly blonde.

Conditioner for color-treated hair wholesale

Besides offering conditioner for color-treated hair wholesale, the suppliers on our online marketplace for the beauty industry also offer conditioners formulated for a specific hair texture. Conditioners formulated for color-treated fine hair for example will help to protect the color, however they will not weigh hair down. These conditioners will add the right moisture to lift the hair and give beautiful volume, without making the hair dry or greasy. These conditioners also hydrate the hair and help to detangle it, preventing the hair from being damaged too much. Some conditioners contain ingredients to mend split ends. If you get customers with over-processed hair there are also conditioners in this category that will be able to help.

Wholesale conditioner for dyed hair

Color-depositing conditioners are often mentioned as a way to lessen the difference in color near the roots and to give the color a touchup. If you would like to advise you customers color-depositing conditioners you may find them in this category or in the specific hair color category in our overview. 

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