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If you own a hair salon, spa or store which sells hair products, there is a high chance you are also offering your customers a a variety of shampoos and conditioners. These products are neccesities in keeping the hair soft and make it shine. Choosing the right conditioner depends not only on the texture of the hair, but also if it is color-treated and if the scalp is sensitive or suffers from dandruff. In this category you will find conditioners formulated for fine hair, which are lightweigth and will give just the right amount of nourishment without weighing in down or stimulate oil production. Find all the wholesale conditioner for fine hair for you salon, spa or store on our online b2b trading platform for the beauty industry. If you have any questions about the ingredients of a product or their effects, please do not hesitate to contact the supplier of hair products.

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Even if you have narrowed down your search to wholesale conditioner for fine hair, there are still many products to choose from. Some conditioners focus on organic ingredients like bamboo extract to breathe life into fine hair while encouraging color retention. This will keep the hair vibrant for weeks and lenghten the period of a dye job. Other conditioners contain an almost water-like formula which salvages nearly all hair types and leaves the hair with a lustrous finish. Or are you specifically looking for a conditioner with anti-static properties? Browse through our category to find the conditioner for fine hair with anti-static control. If low-maintenance hair routines are your specialty, or your customers do not have much time to spend on their hair, you will find conditioners in this category to meet your needs. After just a minute or two these conditioners made the hair soft and shiny, and these are especially created for people with fine hair which are also a bit on the dry side.

Wholesale conditioner for fine hair

Does your customer have fine hair and would you like to add some volume to it during a treatment? A thickening conditioner can help you with that. Thickening conditioners will separate the individual strands of hair to create a fuller look, without the hair looking tangled or frizzy. They keep the hair soft but still give it body and lift. If the hair is also color-treated, a conditioner for color-treated hair might be a great product to help keep the color last longer. Would you like to change the hair color slightly and emphasize the lighter or darker hues? A color-depositing conditioner can help you change the hair color ever so slightly, by adding a red hue to brown hair for example. If you would like to add conditioner for color-treated hair or color-depositing conditioner to your assortment, please visit their respective categories. 

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