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Humidity can be a nightmare for people who are sensitive to frizz. On a humid day, their perfectly styled mane can turn into a mess as soon as they step outside. This calls for hair care products specialized in frizz. On our online marketplace for the beauty industry you will find lightweight conditioners that detangle and condition the hair while at the same time fight the frizz. If you are the owner of  a salon, spa or store and you would like to add conditioner for this specific hair type to your assortment, please browse through our category to find all the wholesale conditioner for frizzy hair you are looking for. If you have any questions about the ingredients in the conditioner or the effects, do not hesitate to contact the supplier or beauty brand. Note that some suppliers might answer a day late because of the time difference.

Conditioner for frizzy hair wholesale

If you are looking for conditioner for frizzy hair wholesale, you will find products from different beauty brands on our online platform. One of the most important aspects of a conditioner for frizzy hair is that it hydrates. Conditioners with a deep hydratation will leave the hair smoother and tangle-free all day. Another important aspect of wholesale conditioner for frizzy hair is that the product quickly absorbes into the hair fiber. It rebalances the moisture level of dry hair while it also provides a smoothness which is humidity resistant. Some conditioners even contain uv-protection, to shield the hair from the damaging rays of the sun. There are conditioners which are great for smoothing the little frizzes caused by hair breakage, as well as oily conditioners which add great shine. Some conditioners block humidity with a special formula, which keeps out to 70% more moisture than silicones and oils. It also keeps the hair clean for a longer time, which allows customers to condition their hair less often.

Wholesale conditioner for frizzy hair

If you have customers with dry hair a conditioner for frizzy hair with amino acids and panthenol might be a good product to use or advise. Does your customer have curly hair? A conditioner for frizzy hair tames unruly flyaways and polishes curls and defines waves while keeping their natural texture. You can use these conditioners on wet, damp or even dry hair depending on the ingredients. Please read the product descriptions of the products to see the best way to apply the conditioners.

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